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The preferred contact is email. If you have a question on our roll out shelves, drop us a note and we will answer your question usually within a few hours. Our parent company - Shelves That Slide has been in the pull out shelf business for going on twelve years. We were building and installing custom made pull out shelves in kitchen cabinets before most of the sliding shelf companies even knew what a pull out shelf for your kitchen cabinets was. Our introduction to pull out shelves was when we partnered to start a company called pull outs plus. This was an Arizona company and should not be confused with Pullouts Plus in Oregon. As partnerships sometimes go there was a breakup and one partner and a distributor started shelves that slide. As far as we know the pull outs plus company was sold and renamed the pull out shelf company but we really have not followed that so we do not know for sure. Shelves that Slide continues to offer some of the highest quality pull out shelves available today. The only problem with the roll out shelves from shelves that slide is that the quality is better than some people need. Higher quality equals higher cost which puts pull out shelves out of the price range for many people. Hence we started the web site to offer an affordable pull out shelf that still retains many of the high quality features that shelves that slide is known for. We use the same high quality steel slides from Blum as shelves that slide does. We use the same high quality and strong 9 ply Baltic Birch for our rolling shelves. We use a veneer instead of a vinyl coating on the 1/4" MDF core bottoms. The natural appearance of the birch veneer will stain nicely to match your cabinets. We save money on the construction techniques and the fact that we do not lacquer the shelves. We limit the size of our roll out shelves because we are confident that for the sizes we are making the quality of these roll out shelves will hold up with no problems. If you are looking for a larger pull out shelf or you want the higher quality of the shelves that slide product, just click on the name shelves that slide and you will be taken to our main website. There is a large selection of other kitchen accessories as well as economy shelves that work great for a  sliding keyboard shelf. If you are looking for slide out and swivel shelf for your TV please take a look at our website. The component shelves at TV shelves are the same as the economy shelves on shelves that slide and Kitchen Shelves and they work great for a sliding keyboard shelf. Take a look around our site and see if we have what you are looking for, thank you is a division of  Shelves That Slide

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