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Our pull out sliding shelves are all proudly made here in the USA

All of the slide out shelves we sell are made in our factory in Phoenix Arizona
When you buy our Pull-Out Shelves you can feel comfortable knowing that your money stays here in America helping the American economy

We use the best material to manufacture our pull out shelves

At Sliding Shelves dot com we insist on only using the top quality material for our kitchen shelves and kitchen accessories to assure you that you are getting high quality sliding shelves at an affordable price. Sure we could cut corners and use lower quality components, but our name is on every pull out shelf we make. When we started our kitchen sliding shelving business over ten years ago we knew we wanted to be a kitchen cabinet pull out shelf company that would be respected for the quality of it's work as well as it's people.

Standard pull out shelf materials

  • Shelf front, back and sides of our slide out shelves are 9 ply 1/2" Baltic Birch

  • Bottom of the slideout shelf is 1/4" MDF with a Birch veneer

  • 3/4 extension Blum self closing drawer slides are standard and Blum full extension slides are available for an extra charge

  • Optional steel "L" brackets specifically designed for sliding shelf use

  • Hand sanded and ready to be painted or stained to match your cabinets

9 Ply Baltic Birch

  • Imported from Russia this material is perfect for building kitchen shelving, sliding shelves and pullout drawers. There are 9 layers of birch sandwiched together in this 1/2" thick material. This is the best material to make a pull out shelf. It is far superior to a 3/4" 3 or 5 ply oak plywood that some companies use. You also get more room inside the shelf due to the space that the thicker wood would have wasted. If someone tells you that their 3/4" standard plywood is stronger than our 1/2" 9 ply they are either misleading you on purpose or out of ignorance

1/4" MDF Birch Veneer Bottom

  • No particle board here. The bottom of our slide out kitchen pull out shelves is 1/4" plywood or you can select 1/4" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with a vinyl covering. MDF is both stronger and more stable than the less expensive particle board that some companies use. The plywood veneer bottom has a beautiful look and will stain to match your cabinets for a true custom look.

We use the best hardware

Blum Drawer Slides

  • The best shelf is worthless if it is not mounted on quality hardware. We only use Blum drawer slides for our kitchen cabinet pull out shelves. Since we starting making pull out shelves over ten years ago we have only used one brand of drawer slides and that brand is Blum. After ten years and tens of thousands of slides we have stayed with Blum for one reason, quality. Blum is respected worldwide as the producer of top quality cabinet hardware. One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of manufacturing sliding shelves would be to use a cheaper "knock off" drawer slide. To the average person Blum slides look very similar to the cheaper "knock offs". It is only upon closer inspection that you may notice that the other slides are made of a thinner gauge steel or they use a smaller diameter axle for the rollers to mount on. Blum refuses to lower their quality as we refuse to lower ours. Blum backs their slides with a lifetime guarantee and we know why. In ten years and through tens of thousands of slides we have had less than five slides that have been defective and none that have failed in service of our kitchen shelves.

Steel "L" brackets

  • When you pick the floor mount option for your sliding shelves the slides will come with four L brackets attached. The steel brackets that we use for the floor mount installation (base mounting) are not some skimpy L brackets that are designed for some other purpose like the ones that some other sliding shelf companies use. These are heavy gauge steel that measure 2 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" tall with a base that is 2 1/2" wide and  2 1/2" long. These brackets were made for pull out shelves and thanks to a second higher set of mounting holes they can be used with full extension slides as well. You can even use the second set of holes to lift the pull out shelf above a lip on the front of the cabinet that is common in RV use as well as manufactured housing. 

Hand Sanded

  • After the pieces of our sliding storage shelves are cut to size,  each piece is hand sanded to round over the touched surfaces. You can see the slight variations that is the unique signature of hand made quality. When shipped these sliding shelves can be used as is, or you can paint or stain the shelves to match your cabinets. We recommend sealing the pull out shelves to keep them looking new for years to come.

Custom pull out shelves from sliding shelves dot com

Stop bending and reaching to get to the back of your kitchen cabinet. With pull out shelves from sliding shelves easy access to your kitchen storage is a snap. Do you have back pain? Chronic back pain is debilitating and can be aggravated just by reaching into a kitchen cabinet. We offer roll out shelves for your pots and pans as well as rolling shelves for canned goods storage. Cooking is enough work, why struggle just getting started. Say enough to that back pain and get some custom pull out shelves for your kitchen cabinets. High quality sliding storage shelves from the best on line rolling shelf company. It is hard get rolling shelves for canned goods into this text twice llc.

For kitchen cabinet accessories such as trash and recycle systems, tip out trays, lazy susans and larger sized premium pull out shelves see Shelves That Slide com

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