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Welcome to Sliding Shelves where we offer the best deal
Pull out shelving custom made to fit your kitchen cabinets!

There are many slide out shelf web sites these days and many say they make custom kitchen pull out shelves. Then you find they sell one depth shelf and that depth is really for a bathroom, they save money by making all of the shelves 20" deep and you lose 2" to 3" or more of space! They aren't much better when it comes to the shelf width, they make any size as long as it is an even one inch increments or maybe they go up to 1/4" or maybe even 1/8". We make shelves in 1/16" increments so you can get a sliding shelf that actually fits your cabinet. We make the depths in 2" increments with 22" being the most common for kitchen cabinet shelving. We even offer a 23" deep shelf which has a finished shelf depth of 22 3/4"

We've been making custom pull out shelves for 30 years. Sliding shelving or kitchen drawers it really doesn't matter what you call them. Some call them pull out shelving, roll out shelfs, pull-outs, sliding shelves, rolling shelfes, rollout shelve, whatever you call them our pull-out shelves that slide out can make your life easier.   At Sliding Shelves we make high quality pullout kitchen sliding shelving and sell them for less you install it yourself and save

Please take a look at our construction page to find out more information on the high quality materials that go in to our custom made pull out sliding shelves for your kitchen cabinets. No 3/4" construction plywood used here or low cost poplar. While some companies may use lumber that can warp and split we use 9 ply birch plywood which really is the best material made for building rollout shelving. We offer a high quality affordable custom made slideout shelf that is easy to install into your existing cabinets. The rolling shelving comes with all of the hardware necessary for a standard installation including drawer slides and drawer slide mounting brackets. Installation can take as little as five minutes when mounting roll out shelfs on existing shelves or kitchen cabinet base with our optional "L" shaped mounting brackets. That's kitchen storage made easy!

All of our rollout shelving for kitchen pantry cabinets and bathroom cabinets are custom made to your order. The sliding shelf hardware needed for standard kitchen shelves installation is included with our slide-out shelves. There are several different mounting styles to choose from so that you can install these shelves in your kitchen cabinets. We warranty our roll out shelfs to be free from manufacturer's defects for one year from date of purchase. If you have never had pull out shelves for kitchen storage you don't know what you are missing. If you have had them then you know you will never want to live without them

"Once you have had pull out shelves installed you will wonder how and why you ever lived without them"

Pull out shelving makes getting to that pot or pan in the back of your cabinet a breeze. There is no need to get down on your hands and knees to get what is in the back of your kitchen cabinet, not with pullout shelves from Simply open the cabinet door, slide out your sliding shelf and the items in the back of your cabinet rollout to you. Think about how often you go into your cabinets, now think about what is in the back of your cabinets. Don't feel bad if you can't remember, you don't use it and that is why it is in the back. Now think about how nice it would be to utilize all that space that is just too hard to reach. Your dishwasher has a slide-out shelfes, why doesn't your kitchen cabinet? Take control of your kitchen storage!

How about your pantry cabinet?

People are amazed when they get a sliding shelf for their pantry cabinet. Not just how easy it is to install. Not just how amazed they are with the high quality of our pantry shelfes. Not just being amazed about how they lived without a rolling shelf and why they waited so long. What really amazes them is when clean out their pantry cabinet to get ready for the installation of a slide out shelf. They can't believe what they find in the back of the cabinet. Sometimes it is something they have been looking for, often for many years. Sometimes they find cans that are domed with the evidence of botulism. Sometimes they just find more food than they realized they had. I was installing a pullout shelf one day when the customer told me "I found three cans of clam chowder in the back of my cabinet". I looked at her with a puzzled look and she said "You don't understand, I hate clam chowder". You may hate clam chowder but you will love your kitchen storage with pull out shelves from sliding shelves .com

Don't forget the bathroom!

So you have sliding shelves already in your kitchen cabinets (not just the upper shelf but the lower one too). You even have a lazy Susan in you pantry that works great (ever hear about a round peg in a square hole). Well what about your bathrooms? You are in and out of the bathroom cabinet every day. Do you really enjoy bending over and reaching for your toiletries first thing in the morning? It does not have to be like that, not when you can have roll out shelves in your bathroom cabinets too!

OK already, so I know I need pull out shelves, but can I afford them?

With our sliding kitchen pull out shelves starting at just $49.95 this is sliding shelves that you can afford. Especially when you buy your sliding shelves from sliding shelves and when you install them yourself with help from our do it yourself installation guide. Stop hoping for a mythical Genie to make you a pull out shelf

Do it yourself? I don't know if I can do that!

DIY (do-it-yourself) installation of kitchen shelves is easy with the help of sliding shelves. Can you work a screwdriver? Great, then you can do-it-yourself and install our custom kitchen sliding shelves! Most kitchen storage slide out shelf installations are as simple as installing eight screws. The easiest installation is floor mount option mounting onto an existing shelf. Just set the shelf slides with L brackets attached in place. Use the sliding shelf as your alignment tool and simply screw the L brackets to your cabinet base or existing full depth shelf. For more information take a look at our measuring guide and our installation tips and tricks. DIY and save $$$

What about the quality?

Great question! We understand your concern about buying slide out shelves on-line. It is difficult to show details of the high quality of our sliding shelves in pictures. Especially with pictures that don't take forever to load. We have never had a customer that has been disappointed with the quality of our sliding kitchen shelves. If fact most of our customers are surprised to find that our quality slide out shelves far exceed their expectations. But don't trust us, try one yourself. We recommend you purchase one sliding shelf to start. We are very confident that you will be pleased with our products. We know that after you get one slide out shelf you will not only come back for more, you will be telling your friends and neighbors about what a great deal on pull out shelves that you have found.

So what if I am not satisfied?

We are so confident that you will be thrilled with pullout kitchen shelves from sliding shelves that if for any reason you are not satisfied simply return the slide out shelf within fifteen days of delivery and we will refund your original purchase price minus shipping charges. As stated before all of our sliding shelves are custom made so we could not afford to make an offer like that unless we were confident in our product. Now because of the day and age that we live in we need to add some stipulations to that offer. We will return the full price of one shelf minus the shipping charge, you are responsible for the shipping. As the sliding shelves are custom made we do not accept returns on additional shelves beyond the first shelf ordered. So go ahead and order one pull out shelf and see what you think. We are confident in the quality of our pull out shelves and we can wait for the rest of your order. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, get out your tape measure and measure up your kitchen cabinets for custom pullout shelves. You will be glad you did! We are waiting to make sawdust with your name on it.

One last thing!

By the way, before I forget, we do ask for something from you. After you have installed your rollout shelves in your kitchen cabinets, after you have installed the slideout shelf in your bathroom cabinet and maybe even after you are done with the pull out shelf in your pantry cabinet we do have a request for you. Please let us know how you like your new sliding shelves. Just drop us a note and give us your honest appraisal of your experience at sliding shelves  We really want to do what ever we can to make your experience here an enjoyable one. If you like our products and you like your friends, family and neighbors, why not bring them together and show off your new rolling shelves. They will thank you for many years to come. What's that, would we mind if you put a link on your web site to spread the word about Of course we wouldn't mind, in fact we would be honored!

Thank you

Please note we are not related to of Texas. If you have been left hanging by sliding shelf please contact us and we will try and help out if we can. We recently acquired the  website and will be updating it shortly

Latest customer comments and pull out shelf reviews (for all comments see our testimonial page)

Greetings Folks,

My sliding shelves arrived as promised.  I am impressed with the quality of construction and ease of assembly.  Completed the entire project in a weekend, installing eight shelves in two kitchen cabinets.  The project time also entailed emptying the shelves, cleaning up, installing and then organizing the contents.

My questions prior to purchase were answered completely and quickly via the email.  Thank you folks for a fine product and a great purchasing experience.

David Comfort
North Las Vegas, NV

just wanted you to know that our shelves came in at 3:00 PM, Installed my 5PM. Not bad for a person who has never installed your shelves before. They work great, other then I have no clue what the orange thing is on the runner that looks like it should slide back and forth, lol But, they are ready to load up and head out. Oh, these 4 shelves are in our Motor home panty.  The wife will no longer have to use the broom handle to try and get that lost box of oatmeal from the back of the old shelve. Thanks, Great job of packing too and the units look great. BnA

Response - The orange tab on the full extension slides is a locking mechanism

Received the shelves ...

Fantastic packaging ... installed BEAUTIFULLY!

I will be buying more for an antique breakfront cupboard.

Thank you so much for your Internet offering and workmanship.

Nancy Carter

love your shelves. this is my third order ;-) I am almost done converting my old cabinets. These are easy to install and great for my budget.

Good day
Received and installed shelves, my wife and I are very happy with the results.  The purpose of the this email is for a WHITE THING.  Our dog chewed on one and its totally destroyed.
How do I get a replacement?
Best regards,
Richard Flaherty

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